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You have found Portland's home for car accident chiropractic and massage care!

Northeast Portland Chiropractic Center has been a cornerstone of the historic Hollywood district in Portland since 1995, treating auto injury cases and whiplash for 20 years. From the clinic's founder, Dr. Don Ferrante, to Dr. Martin Codino, and now Dr. Marcus Dorsey, NEPCC has a long legacy of caring physicians who put patients first. We accept all auto insurance (PIP) and other insurance plans including Blue Cross and Kaiser. The clinic is open Monday-Friday (with Saturday appointments available) and same-day appointments are available.

Navigating the waters after a car accident can be tricky, and we are here to help. In the past five years, we have helped hundreds of injured people - from mild headache sufferers to severe whiplash cases with spinal trauma - receive first-class care, and ZERO HAVE PAID OUT OF POCKET. Oregon auto insurance covers all necessary treatment, so our patients can focus on recovering without worrying about a medical bill.

From physical therapy and stretches, to gentle adjustments and therapeutic massage, NEPCC offers our patients the best in conservative treatment options.

Automobile and Work Injuries

Family Care